The Glab Family

Let's take a walk down Sentiment Lane, shall we?
In the summer of 2004, I was given my first SLR. A cute little Minolta with basic settings and two lenses. I didn't really know anything about the equipment, but I knew I would need it for my first wedding ever (I second shot). It arrived and I couldn't even stand how excited I was. I needed to shoot! I needed to practice! Goodness, I had never done this before!

My best friend, Corinne, and her family were our neighbors at the time. They kindly let me shoot them (and now looking back, I realize it was my very first shoot ever :D ). One roll of black and white. One roll of color. Developed in an hour at Walmart. Wa-la!
It was pretty stinking fun :D

Roughly 5 years later, I was able to shoot them again! We had so much fun talking & laughing, remembering the good ol' days, tracking down their crazy dog and getting some sweet shots.

Mrs. Glab also asked for some pictures of her and her man - since they hadn't had any taken since their wedding day!

I also did senior pictures for Corinne (gah! Senior! gooodness!)

Corinne and I were quite the pair back in the day. We played together all the time. We planned surprise birthday parties for each other, organized neighborhood dances & shows, fought and cried during games of Monopoly and laughed waaay too hard when we picked the "Ricky's underwear" card in the American girl doll game. On Saturday mornings I would wake up early and go watch her swim meets.
We did a lemonade stand once. We "raised money" to get a coat for a lady we knew who didn't have one (Mrs. Glab ended up giving us one of her old coats. Apparently $10 in change doesn't go very far in the coat world.) We pranked Mrs. Glab and told her we had gotten Corinne's ears pierced (that prank brought to you by sticky rhinestones and bubble-gum toothpaste.) We had sleepovers, built forts, went sledding, decorated our rooms and all in all had a blast as little buddies :D
I am SO grateful for all the memories Corinne! And congratulations on making it to senior year! Woohoo! You are such a beautiful, joyful friend :)

Ok, slideshow time! It's a long one. Be ye warned :D