My favoritefavoritefavorite:

I like this girl Sarah a whole lot. She has become such a wonderful friend over the past year or so. She was down here actually doing a favor for me.

We had to do a little shoot with my bestie, Lydia, before she went home. Beth also came down, but left before this shoot happened. Try to insert her face in a few pictures if you can ;D

Sarah Corncake Barlow, thank you for helping me get around my hometown, for laughing really hard all the time and for being allergic to pizza ;D
Love ya!

And the ferosh Lydia Jane. I'm keeping her on a very tight leash, so boys, back off!

Ahem. Here is my favorite one of me. I am such a three-year-old.

Being awesome? Why yes, thank you very much.

And no shoot is complete without the face game! Here we have a number of different faces, including: eating sour skittles, getting all green lights on your way home, creepy faces, being a mouse for Halloween and a few that I am not going to share ;D

You really should watch the slideshow. There is one really funny segment where Lydia jumps. It's so worth it haha