My First Day!

I've been singing these lines all day :D

"Heads Carolina, TAILS CALIFORNIA"

"Somewhere greener, somewhere warmer!"

Ah but the day didn't begin somewhere warmer... no, no.
It began at about 12:30 am when I discovered my flight to Burbank was changed from 8:00 am to 6:00 am - meaning I needed to leave my house at about 3:30 am. So, I just stayed up for the rest of the night :D

And put my little suitcases by the door. And said good-bye to Lydia again :D (cause once sometimes just isnt enough) and before long, I was at the airport, boarding a plane!

I sat across the aisle from a guy - he was made of concrete.
No, seriously, he was the biggest strongest guy I have ever seen and he scared the bajeebers out of me. It took me a good five hours to get the courage to take this pic haha

Aaaah! I am here! I am here! Hello California! I am here!

The airport in Burbank is super tiny, and I got to walk off the plane onto the tarmac - and you all know how much I love that :D

Wooohooo! And hooowooo! I was pretty thrilled to be standing right there :D

But by far the best part of the day was meeting Brienne's new little boy, Cameron Lee :D

He is a picture of health, with long blonde hair and big ol' feet! haha
I can't wait to hold him and hold him :D :D

Awww :D
Sleepy little kid :D

What a blessing and miracle.

Grandma and Grandpa (and my hosts for the next few days) were pretty thrilled too!

My heart just drops when I look at him. Life is amazing.

God is so amazing.

I love seeing Bree so happy :D Life is just good - and it was quite a first day in Cali!!!