San Diego!

This weekend was the San Diego weekend! Woohoooo!
Almost 10 years ago I lived in San Diego (for 15 short, glorious months) and I was thrilled to go back and visit!

I felt like little orphan Annie singing "IiiiIIiii think I'm gonna like it heeeere!"

My first stop was the house of a family friend sweetly hosted me for the night! They used to go to our church in MD and moved out here 3 years ago.

All the pictures in this post so far is from their backyard. It's like a summer wonderland.

Back when I lived here, my best friend was a sweet girl named Ciera. Not gonna lie, we were both nerds and so so sooo dorky. I mean, were nine, but oof. So anyways, I surprised her at her debate tournament at Point Loma :D On the way, I saw a rainbow and almost cried it was so beautiful. I just kept saying "Oooh MY gooosh. OOh MY goosh."

Point Loma has an amazing campus (and that's where my mom went to college, so that was really cool to see!). God makes really amazing skies (and yourmom goes to college ;D)

The next day I went to my old church :D It was sweet times to see everyone again! I had lunch with a friend from MD who happened to be visiting as well!
Theeeeen, I went to Pacific Beach and met up with a new photog friend named Lisa!

She and her husband let me use a bike and we went all over the PC boardwalk. I could have stayed there for weeks, I think.

(I felt like this little girl - she was chattin' it up with her dad and pointing and squealing at everything!)

Um, yes. A thousand times yes.

It started to rain while we biked, but we didn't care. Everything is better in the rain.
Singing in the rain, dancing in the rain, playing soccer in the rain.
Also biking in the rain :D

After a few minutes the rain stopped. I don't think there are words amazing enough to describe how gorgeous everything was. Besides another rainbow, the light turned into this powerful, golden punch that made everything just glitter.

Truly breath-taking!

Headed home :D In 10 days I will fly home too!

After the rain the whole beach was almost pastel colored. It was soft and misty. I almost felt like I had to whisper.

ps. I look really awkward on a bike.

And this is Lisa and I in the gorgeous last seconds of sun :D

Check out the slideshow for more details on all this San Diego goodness!
Oh and funny story! You know how I mentioned my radical nerdiness when I was younger?
There is a plus side to being a child dork. You know there are some really good songs that come out, then they are just over-played so that everyone hates them?
Well, when you are a nerd, you never knew those over played songs, so when "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton comes on the radio when you are driving home from San Diego, you actually get excited and love the song. And use it for your blog slideshow :D *Click here* to view the slideshow.