What Have I Been Doing?!

That's the question these days... what am I doing in California?

Well, lots and lots! Earlier this week I visited my relatives in Westlake Village. We talked about missions trips to Uganda, blew off rockets and had a yummy dinner! It was wonderful to see you guys :D So sorry I forgot my camera :(

I also had an amazing night with a dear photographer named Ally! We had many, merry adventures and it was SO fun to hang out with her. She promised me she would blog these week.... so check her blog out!

Today Brienne and I did a photoshoot. Poor Brienne hasn't been able to shoot in so long and she was dying to use this new vintage hat she bought. So I tried to happily help her out :D
However, the one day we go out for a shoot, it starts pouring. I was a muddy, cold mess :(

My body has totally adjusted to warm weather, because 50 degrees felt like two to me today. It felt SO cold. Haha I know, I'm a wimp.

A cheesy wimp :D

Bree and I found an awesome overhang at a hotel where we could stay dry, and Bree got some great shots!

Thank you, Lydia, for the pink shoes :D

Ok, update photobooth style:

I got a new hair style. Nothing major, just better bangs and layers, and tonight I am going back to blonde! Yay!

But, my hair does funny, curly things in California air. Not too sure what I think about it, but it's kind of fun - like playing dress up!

I have been eating pb&j sandwiches, bananas and lots of milk. I have NO idea why. I have totally had this weird craving for those things. My California snacks?

These pics were when I was getting ready for the wedding on Saturday. I took a photobooth break!

I do work, of course :D Edits, emails, branding work (I am excited about the new look I am working on!). Oh! One exciting email I got on this trip was from the Wedding Chicks. I am now listed in their directory in DC/MD/VA. Check out their stuff, it's great!

I video-chat my friends as often as I can. My laptop is being a bad kid these days, and I need to get it fixed, but it's fun to say hello when I can! But it's sad when the video stops working haha

Ok, Mom and Lydia, that's all I have of me!
San Diego fun starts tomorrow, then north to Redding and theeeen Vegas!

Bye-a :D