Bobby and Jenny

Yesterday was my first wedding of my wedding season. :D Yay!
To the rest of my 2009 brides, I have an announcement: Bobby and Jenny set the bar very high on the "Awesome Wedding Scale."
Jenny is an adorable, tiny, talk-y little thing who was jaw-dropping as a bride.

Bobby is Mr.Coolio and is the drummer for an awesome band called "My Favorite Highway."
(shameless plug: check out there stuff here!)

Bobby has pretty much been in love with Jenny for forever. Aaaand she hasn't.
I heard she cried and cried before their first date in highschool because she really didn't like him.
I can't imagine this contagious smiler being upset. But I guess he was that bad....? ;)

Happily, God has a way of changing girls hearts, giving boys courage and "fight" and bringing two people together exactly how He wants :D

And isn't Bobby so lucky! Sheeeesh! This one needs to be on Brides Magazine ASAP. You are way too pretty, Jenny.

Cute girls :D

I think it's a photographer sin to not take advantage of beautiful old church rooms like this one:

Jenny was so sweet. She would just all of a sudden start crying and be like "Oh no! I'm exploding! Ah! No crying! Ah!"
Her sisters would reassure her "No, nooo. You aren't exploding -- its just a gentle trickle! Your make-up is fine! You look perfect!"
"No," Jenny would say, "I'm exploding like a volcano!"
I like her :D

Right before she walked down the aisle she said a prayer with her best friend. Jenny was asking for prayer alllll day long and I think God answered every single one. The day was seriously perfect.

Whooooa! Hey now brown cow! Look whose being all artsy with her ceremony shots ;D

Isn't that so happy? Gosh, so stinkin' happy!

The sun had gone to bed long before the ceremony started, but never fear!
Kristen Leigh and her 50mm f/1.2 are here!

And there was also a gorgeous church...

And an awesome couple....
(ps. It really was SO dark when we took these but I love how they came out!)

Props to Bobby for spotting this way cool stair well! I lovelovelove it!

In the slideshow I have more from the reception, but I have to talk about this one for a sec.
Bobby wrote a song for his girl and had two guys from his band play it at the reception.
That is SO sweet. And I think Jenny liked it :D

A fun "All the Single Ladies" shot.

I liked both of these and I couldn't pick. So you get to see both!

Now down here I have the slideshow. You really should watch it. Do you want to know some reasons why?
Alright, here's a few:
1) There are pictures of the real Aston-Martin black James-Bond-esque car they rode in.
2) The song I used is called "Until You" by David Barnes and I think I have a crush on this song... it's super cute ;D
3) You can see the details of the reception that was in the rocking American Visionary Art Museum -- including the "Ice Cream Parlor" and "Cupcake Bar"
4) And because.


Congratulations Bobby and Jenny! I had a blaaast with you on your big day :D