Rob and Hannah

Oh, weddings. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

All I can say, folks, is that I am just thrilled that wedding season is here. THRILLed. This past Saturday, I shot Hannah and Rob's fantastic day (special thank to Peter Bang for shooting with me!)

Hannah has gorgeous taste, and her wedding was simple elegance.


I love how clean and simple this one is. And how sweet Hannah looks. I love Hannah :D

Pretty much beautiful!

Ok, I LOVE all these outside ones. Adore. Obsess over. Everything was perfect!

I can't figure out how to type that "you are pretty so I just whistled at you" sound, but that's the sound I'm trying to put here:

You could take this right out a little girl's dream for her wedding, I think. SO pretty!

And one more just for sport :D

Oops, and this is the really last one.

Hannah was such a happy bride! She just smiled and laughed and smiled all day long. Precious...

We musn't forget about ze boys:

They did a "first look" and you know how happy that makes me :D

Hannah was really adorable waiting for her man. Taking one last look to make sure all is perfect:


... two....!
Blast off!

They both burst into tears. And I do mean burst. It was like the whole world paused and they were the only two that existed :D I was just praying my tears weren't effecting the pictures, goodness.

Look how precious they are :D

It was a rainy day, but rather pretty!

When the ceremony started, the waterworks only got worse. Shew!

Btw, I loved Hannah's dad! He was too fun!

A simple ceremony shot....

He had a niiiice voice!

Hello happy!

The post-ceremony cheers are some of the best moments of a wedding!

And we will conclude this post with a little prayer :D

Congratulations Rob and Hannah! It was wonderful being at your big day!