It's good to look back and remember.

I came across this picture a few weeks ago.

To you it may not be anything particularly special.  
Sweet couple, moody light, awesome bokeh. Coolcool.

But for me, this pictures just brings wave upon wave of memory.  
This picture was shot in the dead middle of August, in downtown Chicago over 2 years ago.  It was my first shoot with my hero and friend, Sarah Anne, and I was a nervous little cookie!

I was 17, fresh out of highschool, ambitious, excited, dumb and grateful.

At this engagement shoot Sarah let me use her Canon 5D and her 70-200mm lens.

This picture reminds me of God's kindness to me in my business.  It reminds me of how far He's brought me.  It reminds me of my parents excitement in helping me begin my business.  It reminds me of the generosity of Sarah.  It reminds me of why I love photography.  It reminds me of sweet summer nights in the drizzling rain doing what I love.

How grateful I am!

Luke 17 tells us a story of 10 lepers who had been healed by God.  They were all excited and grateful, but
"only one of them, when he saw that he was healed, turned back, praising God with a loud voice... he fell on his face at Jesus' feet, giving him thanks."

I love to look back and remember what God has done.  Count this as me "praising God with a loud voice" and "falling at His feet in thanksgiving!"

He has been good to me!  I hope this encourages you to look back and praise God for what He has done in your life :D