Garrett and Elise

"see how my eyes tell this story
of a man and his eternal devotion"

-- mark mathis

Once upon a time, a little boy met a very little girl.
They played and went to school and grew up.
During these events, the little boy became a man and fell in love.
He asked the little girl, who had become a lovely little woman, to marry him.

She said yes, bought a dress and married the man :D

If you didn't see the proposal story from Elise and Garrett, you need to look right here and see how they fell in love. They are long-time best friends who finally are getting married. This wonderful day has been coming for a very long time...

I love this shot. It's almost weird, but I love how simple and old it is. This wedding was very classic and formal, yet simple and relaxed - much like this picture, I think :D

Aw! Hi little bride! Thanks for being adorable!

As Elise and the girls were walking across the street with me to do their pictures, Elise's parents came out. It was so sweet :D

Summer colors, summer weather, summer awesome - yayay!

I have so many pictures I want to blog, it's making me dizzy. Def look at the slideshow to see more, but here are some of my favorites of the annoyingly gorgeous bride.

I love Elise's smile. I can totally hear her little laugh by looking at these

Oh beauty. Ohhh beauty...

This is one of my favorite bridal portraits ever:

Ok, I'm tired of all that gorgeous.
So here's a quick one of the boys :D

Here are some pretty details from the lobby at the church!

Ope, and, of course, my favorite wedding day moment. Are you tired of hearing my recounts of this moment? I hope not.
The music is building, all the guests are looking back at me - hoping to catch a glimpse of the bride.
A father, who has raised this bride for 20+ years is about to give her away. The man who has protected, provided for and loved this lady the most, is about to give her to another man. The music gets louder. The other man is waiting at the end of the aisle - sweating, heart pounding, rocking back and forth, dying to see his bride.

And then !boom! in a matter of moments, it's done. They are married. Forever - until death do they part. Man, it's such an amazing thing! Praise God for marriage :D

Soooo, maybe I spied on them when the snuck away to be alone? Maybe.

We honestly could not have hand-picked a more glorious day for this wedding. In the horribly inconsistent weather of Maryland, we could have had a blazing, oppressing hot day. Or a chilly, rainy day. Or some combination of both. But instead it was breezy and warm, fresh and colorful. Clear and truly perfect.

The reception details were exquisite. I could have taken detail pictures all night!

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what the kiss at the end of your first dance should like! Woohoo!

Aw, and this is what sweet daddy-daughter moments should be like :D

The reception was in Elise's backyard and was very nontraditional for a wedding (aka: no cake cutting or bouquet toss or announcing the bridal party). It was really chill and almost like a garden party. BUT, Elise and her bridesmaids did perform an awesome little dance to "Jai Ho!" Too fun :D

And as the sun set, they beautiful day came to a lovely close....

Enjoy the show! (And the totally awesome and appropriate song: "In Love at 19" by Mark Mathis)

Garrett and Elise, congratulations! I hope you know how much I am rejoicing with you both. God has been so kind :D