Colin and Amanda - Annapolis Engagement Shoot

"Cupid draw back your bow
And let your arrow go
Straight to my lover's heart for me"

sam cooke - cupid

I shouldn't be allowed to get butterflies and goosebumps every time I go to work.  Or maybe I mean it should be required?  I don't know.  Basically, my job is amazing.  And it gives me butterflies and goosebumps. 

Let's take Amanda and Collin, for example.  I met them right on the water for their engagement shoot in Annapolis.  They had me from hello - gosh, they were so fun.  First of all, they live in North Carolina - that state contains some of the sweetest people I've ever met.  Goodness.  Second, they've known each other since they were seven - adorable.

Third, the sun was just radiantly glorious.  I loved all the marshmallow-dessert-pink clouds smoothly covering the navy and Tiffany-blue sky.  I loved how the sun splashed onto every surface, which coated everything in the harbor - from the brave, wooden boats to Amanda's adorable eyes.

Being in Annapolis at 4:30 pm on a weekday, meant that we had the whole place to ourselves.  We could hear the gentle moans of the boats lining the dock, the clinks of the chains that kept them from exploring the wild blue yonder.  But mostly all we heard were the echoes of all of our laughter.  Like a toddler running wild through an elegant antique shop, so were we as we laughed, danced and paraded about the city.

Me: "Soo, do you think you are allowed on that boat?"
Collin: "Um, probably not."
Me: "Hmm..."
Collin: "Should we just do it anyway?"
Me: Of course.
(Amanda: Laughs in the background the whole time)
Don't worry - we nailed it.

Within minutes of our rule-break, the sky turned dark and there was almost a yellow-green light draping the city. With the sunlight rapidly disappearing, Amanda and Collin played on...

If you don't have a taste of these two yet, let me expound further.  They are delightful and wonderful.  Collin is a gentle man and a gentleman.  There's a difference? Yes.  He is gentle, careful and kind in his tone, but he is still very manly.  A gentle man.  He is also gentlemanly - holding doors, checking for cars, making sure the girls are taken care of.  Amanda, you found a good one :D

And Collin?  You have a completely amazing woman engaged to you.  She is fantastic.  Amanda is lovely, happy and so in love with you :D  I love how she just smiles and smiles and smiles - with her whole face!

You guys have a hysterical sense of humor.
Me: "Ok, give her a quick kiss!
Collin: "How about a lick?"
Amanda: "Eeeeew!"

You both really make being together seem so easy and pure fun.  I know relationships are hard-work, and very serious, but I hope that I can just have as much fun with my fiancee as you two do together!

Big squeezes are the best kind. Can I get an 'amen'?!

See what I mean? Ugh they are so cute and fuuuun!  Also, notice that these pictures get darker and darker... yeah, the sky was not cool with a photoshoot.  It tried to ruin our plans and turn-off our light.

I knew it was going to rain.  Actually, I knew it was going to pour.  We had to work fast - and we did! 

But not fast enough.  During these shots, the rain started coming down hard!  I ran onto the porch, while they booked it across the street (leaves were spinning in the air, clouds were rolling in the sky, there wasn't another person in sight.  So romantic)

I wanted to get inside, but I loved the atmosphere too much to bail on it.  Amanda and Collin were AMAZing and let me get some windy rain shots.  I loved how they turned out

Then we ran fast back to the pier, where we grabbed a few more shots inside an Italian cafe, and called it a day :D

Rain made Amanda look so pretty (and not like a "drowned rat," thank you very much.)

Yeah, I guess we can close on that note.  Good? Good.

Collin and Amanda, I had a BLAST with you!  I'm thrilled that I get to be your photographer and that I get to spend a rainy afternoon with you :D