Josh Harris - {I'm Kristen Published!}

God has always been a big part of my life.  That's actually not even totally correct.  He is my life - not in a cheesy, hyper-spiritual, "I have chosen God" kind of way. 
I was made by Him, I was made for Him and He is the one who allows every single nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide atom to fill my lungs each time I take a breath, usually without me noticing (unless I'm running really hard.  Then I notice myself breathing haha).  All that I have is a gift from Him - gifts to enjoy and praise Him for.  Ooooone of those gifts is my church!

My parents actually met there, back in the day. So, if our church didn't exist... I might not be here.  Oh jeez.  That'd stink ;) haha
I've grown up in the same church, and so many dear families have come along side me as I've started my business.  My first year I had almost exclusively church families book me, and they were so encouraging.  It was amazing. 

In a cool turn of events, the senior pastor of my church, Josh Harris, asked me to do some shots for him.  I've taken pictures of his family a couple times, and in July 2008 I got to do a promo-head-shot type shoot for him.  Shooting the author of I Kissed Dating Good-bye was not my usual client haha I was nervous and not sure if he'd like my style when kids and wedding dresses weren't involved. 

Thankfully,  he liked them! Phew!  He used some shots on his facebook page, his bio page on his blog and one even made the front of his new and improved blog in the "About Me" section!

I was glad he could use them, and I knew he was thinking about using some for his new book, Dug Down Deep, but I thought he might want to get someone a little more trained in that kind of picture-taking field. You know all those "Back of book cover photographers" running around? ;) haha
To my surprise, he used some of my pictures for the book!  Pretty fun, right?  I can offically cross "Having a picture I've taken published" off the dream list!

And regarding the book - it's good!  Haha Not to be the worst-church-member-in-all-of-history, but I kind of thought "What can Josh write about that I haven't already heard from him?"  I know, I am the worst.  I was sure the book would be good!  But just for people who went to other churches.

My b.  It was good. Really good. 
He writes in a very relatable way, and keeps things clear.  I have a hard time reading anything for longer then 15 minutes (I told you I'm the worst) but I actually spent two hours on a plane ride reading this! Yay!  It's like my mom finally got her kid to eat peas! I read for longer than an hour! haha

Anywho, I thought that was kind of fun.  So there's a bit of news in my life!