Jamie Delaine {I'm Kristen Portraits}

This little friend of mine, is... something else.

If you've been around my blog or wedding photography even a bit, you've likely at least heard of Jamie-kins Delaine.  She's the award-winning, child-star in photography, coming from the big, beautiful hat of North America: Canada.

She fits the "busy as a bee" phrase like no one else I've ever met.  She literally zooms around working.  I just am not like that. Buzzing to the computer! Buzzing to make the bed! (Actually, she always makes her best first...) Buzzing to make granola or eggs or drink water! Buzzing back to the computer!

Buzzing to make those ridic muscles eeeeven bigger ;)

A few weeks ago I visited her in Vancouver, and we did a mini-shoot in beautiful Port Moody.  Here's her post of your truly.

We are actually on Skype right now.  She's telling me a story.  She's doing her different voices. She has different voices for each of her friends.  I want to know what her voice for me is... I'll ask ;D

Anyways, you should check out her stuff + tell her how great it is?  She's pretty coolio :D