Pioneer Kristen? {I'm Kristen Photography}

If you follow me on twitter , you might have seen my tweet last week about making a Pioneer Woman recipe .  I've recently "discovered" PW's blog and, man, does it make me want to be domestic.
Sooo, since my mom was out of town and all the little chillin's were home on a snow-day, I decided to make something.  I was tired of reading her recipes and letting disgusting drips of drool get all over my desk. (It was gross.)  I needed to make a dish. And that dish was Cajun Chicken pasta .

Onions, peppers, wine, chicken broth, cream, chicken, fresh parsley - oh baby, it sounded good.  I took some pictures (JUST like PW ;D) to document the process... but once it was done, I forget to take a "it's done!" snap.  And my fam ate it all - even my dad who has no problem letting me know when the food I make sucks.  It was yums.

Currently, I am chilling with the screen door open on a lovely, warm, breezy day in Florida.  I'm jerkishly making fun of all the facebook updates about the "snow storm" back home.  People are cute :D  I know it's serious, but I still think people are just cute.  Plus, I'm here in Florida for a wedding and couldn't be more thrilled about it, so it's hard to understand their plight ;D

If I was home and snowed in, I would probably just be making more recipes anyway... almost makes up for the snow, yes? Yes.