Grow Up {Personal}

"so, here i am in my new apartment"
taylor swift - never grow up   

When my little sister was in town for Thanksgiving,
she came out of the bathroom with an announcement.
"Oh Kristen, I just love your new soap!
It smells soooo gooood. Lemon Sausage is my favorite!"

She meant Lemon Sage. 
And I laughed and laughed and I never look at this soap dispenser the same.
Lemon Sausage Hand Soap hahahaha

When they were here we decorated for Christmas
(let's be honest, decorating for Christmas alone...well, you might as well not do it.  It's just no fun.)
We went to Target to get ornaments. 
I told the girls to pick out a special one for my tree.
Lauren picked the ugliest, already-chipped-iest, styrofoam filled ornament in that store. 
They were some CUTE ones. 
And this was $7.  I could make that 14 times over for $7.
But it was the one she loved and the one she wanted to me to have,
so it hangs on my real, $33.56 Christmas tree
that I carried in, set-up and watered with my little brother. 
The tree base is propped up with a "The Care and Keeping of Home" notebook
- clearly the most I ever got out of that book ;)
At night before bed I fill up a nice wineglass of water.
I turn on the Christmas tree twinkle lights.
I look at the cross-eyed penguin.
I was put on my pj's,
brush my teeth
and wash my hands just to smell the smell Shannon loves so much.
"And I think to myself, what a wonderful world."