Just a little hello [Personal]

I was looking through some files yesterday for a picture.
And I found this one, 
even though it's not what I was looking for.
And then Joni sang and it just seemed like it would make a happy blog post today.

"Now comes the morning
Sunshine for dreaming
I never saw a sky so free
Never so blue

Unveils a time for sharing love with you

Teach me to tell you
All the feelings I've been learning 
Tell me to teach you my heart
All words seem wrong from the start
So I will tell with my eyes 

Silence that asks and looks so wise
And needs no answer on a day like this

Come to the sunshine
Share in the quiet of knowing
No need for telling you sometimes
When all the answers are
So plainly showing"

Joni Mitchell has some very lovely poems sometimes.

Happy Wednesday!