Favorite Character {Contest Post #6}

"Well, if Jane does die, 
it will be a comfort to know she was 
in pursuit of Mr. Bingley."
jane's father | pride and prejudice

(Siiiiiiince it is Valentines Day... there has to be a romantic post. C'mon now...)

This isn't a post about my favorite movie.
Or my favorite work of literature.
Or my favorite version of a particular story.
This is about my (current but also longstanding) favorite "guy" character in a story.

Ever since I saw the original Pride & Prejudice in middle school, followed by the "new" Pride & Prejudice in high school, followed by studying the real book later in high school, I've always been a LARGE Bingley fan.

I just love that he has no ego.
No macho-ness to break down.
Just genuine, light-hearted, possibly naive, but nonetheless sweet affection.

He's maybe not the most interesting of all characters in this world, but he's so so nice.
I'm a little rough around the edges and a touch sarcastic, so I think I always appreciated this kind, honest character.

Team Bingley, yo.

A special "Bingley treat" will be in the gift basket,
so enter to win by letting me know YOUR favorite "guy" (or "girl", I suppose) character in a story! 

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