Favorite "Neatness" Item {Contest Post #5}

Make the fire, fix the breakfast!
Wash the dishes!
And the sweeping!
And the dusting!
They always keep her hopping 
the work song | cinderella Photobucket
Since moving into my own little land in a little building on a little street,
I've learned a few lessons.


- When you lock a door you need a key to open the lock. 
So make sure you have said key.

- If you don't buy toilet paper, 
it won't magically appear when you need it!

- If you don't go grocery shopping, your fridge will be empty.
As will your stomach.

I've also learned that their are some brands of cleaning/house supplies that I LOVE.

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Products!
(seriously, please go here and look at their website.
I was very inspired in making mine.
There are videos! Cute ones! Hurry! Scoot! Click!)

Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap.
Doesn't it just sound wonderful to say?
The branding is fabulous,
the smells are fabulous,
the design is fabulous
And I think the winner of the contest should have my favorite Mrs. Meyers Product.

So, today, tell me your favorite cleaning/organizing/neat-ness acheiving product OR tip!

(ps.  Contest is half over! Eek!)

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