Favorite Current Album {Contest Post #2}

Lay your hand on my heart
Like it was at the start
That always was the best part.

best part | el madmo + norah jones

"...Featuring Norah Jones" isn't my all-time favorite album.  But it's my current favorite.
And it's the second item in the gift-basket!
This dandy little disc is a complilation of all Norah Jones's duets from 2001-2010.
It's smooth, chill moodiness is so perfect for this end of winter season.


I hadn't heard most of these songs before,
but there are some stunning lines written in here!

If you've been around very long, you know that my photography is based BIG-TIME on the couples personal story.  I love the story.  I love a good story.  I love a well-told story.

Like this, for example:

He was playing on the sidewalk
For passing change,
When something strange 

Glory train passed through,
So he buried the coins he made
In peoples park.
And went looking for a woman
To court and spark.

It seemed like he read my mind
He saw me mistrusting him
And still acting kind.
He saw how I worried sometimes
(I worry sometimes).

"All the guilty people", he said
"They've all seen the stain -
On their daily bread
On their christian names.
I cleared myself.
I sacrificed my blues.
And you could complete me!
I'd complete you."

His eyes were the color of the sand.
And the sea.
And the more he talked to me,
The more he reached me.
But I couldn't let go of L.A.
City of the fallen angels. 

court + spark | herbie hancock + norah jones

 So!  What is your CURRENT favorite album to listen to?
Comment away!

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