Favorite Magazine {Contest Post #1}

"Oh, everyone's talking about it. 
The whole kingdom. 
The Grand Duke will be here any minute.
  He's been hunting all night
 for that girl. 
The one who lost her slipper at the ball last night. 
They say he's madly in love with her."
stepmother | cinderella

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I like magazines.
I love flipping the pages so much better then scrolling through online links.
My recent most favorite magazine is Grace Ormonde's Wedding Style 
(this edition came out a little while ago.)
This is like the fairy-tale-bed-time-story-book for grown-ups.
I'd never want a wedding like a Grace Ormonde wedding.
Psh, and who are we kidding, I could never have the OPTION of having a Grace Ormonde wedding.
But it's fun to pretend?
Because let's be honest, I wouldn't ever really want to be Cinderella.
I just liked imagining it.
This magazine is laid-out so well.
It's not cluttered.
It's very appealing.
And these shoes?
If any one of you buys me those teal heels right there, I will name my first-born after you.
And my estate. 
My favorite thing to look at is the dresses.
Big pictures.
Right off the runway.
Stop my achey-breaky-heart.
So first item in the gift basket is Grace Ormone Wedding Style!
Leave a comment with YOUR favorite magazine (any "genre" - food, house, health, celebrity, whatever!)