Angel + Lindsay {Maryland Proposal Photography}

I've seen the waters, that make your eyes shine
Now I'm shining too,
Because, oh because
I've fallen quite hard over you.
landon pigg | falling in love at a coffee shop

*Just a heads-up*
*I'm using asterisks because I want your attention*

******Look at all these asterisks******
*This post will be a lot better and sweeter and precious if you read the words.
But there are going to be a lot of words.*

So you know about Emma?
The classic match-maker of Jane Austen literature?
I share some of her qualities.
Mostly the match-making thing.
It's bad. I need to stop.
I'm trying to.

But I matched Lindsay and Angel up.
I called it.
They seemed like a little Ali + Roberto.
I knew they'd be perfect together.

Who's Lindsay?
Lindsay and I have been friends since highschool.
Lindsay has been down at University of Maryland her whole college "career,"
therefore I don't see her very much.
It's just what happens after highschool.
She's going to be a Spanish teacher.
(An amazing one at that.)

But when we do have a chance to talk and catch up,
(maybe twice a year)
we always jump right back to where we left off.

I love friendships like that.
This past Thanksgiving Break in 2010,
I had some girls over one night.
Lindsay was one of them.
She updated us on her recent trip to Ecuador.

I grilled her on boys.

Pause while I introduce Angel.
I met Angel this summer,
but had heard about him a fair amount 
because of all the evangelism work he is involved with at church.
He also fights.
Like, he's a professional fighter.
And he's funny, likes salsa dancing and absolutely loves God.
Oh. And he's Guatemalan.
Basically, perfect for Lindsay.

 Back to the Thanksgiving Break grilling.
"Linds, I think you and Angel would be great together."
She gasped her cute little Lindsay gasp.
"Kriiiiiisten. Really? You think so? I don't even know him!"

The rest of the night I explained why I thought they'd be great,
I follow-ed up with some texts reminding her that I thought they'd be great,
and started spreading the word to the rest of my friends,
so they could help hint at Angel + Lindsay.

Angel lives with the Smith family down near the University of Maryland.
Long story short, I was visiting the Smith's.
I told Jenni, the Smith Wife, that I was trying to set Angel and Lindsay up.
"Huh.  Do they know each other?
She never comes over here to hang-out...
But she's such a sweet girl!  I could definitely see that!"

Two minutes later, Lindsay came to the door.
I kid you not.
She hadn't been over to the Smith's in months.
We all hung out with a few other friends who came over, too.
Lindsay studied.
She said she was going to leave when I left.
So I stayed really really late.  
Angel... well, he was impressed with Lindsay.
After that night, he wanted to see her more.
A lot more.

And within six weeks, they were dating!
And about 10 weeks later, Angel got in touch with me,
and wanted pictures of the proposal.

Yeah. It was fast.
Because they are perfect for each other.
Kneeeeew it ;)

Okay. lots of words, I told you.
But time for some pictures.

Monday afternoon Angel and I met up to perfect this proposal plan.
He showed me the three-page-letter he had for her,
he showed me the ring,
the spot he wanted to propose 
(at the same table in Starbucks where he first asked her out),
we practiced the route from Lindsay's school to Starbucks,
and I approved of Angel's outfit 
(He wore orange.  Lindsay's favorite.)
Angel had been leaving notes, flowers and hints of the upcoming proposal 
all around for Lindsay all day long.
This three-page-note was the final one.
The plan was for her to come out of class and find this note.
He poured out his heart on those pages,
and at the end said something along the lines of 
"I have a question for you, please come find me where I first asked you out."
After everything was just how he wanted, Angel left to wait at Starbucks.
I hid in my car waiting for Lindsay.
My heart was racing.
It took her fooooorever to come.
But finally the tiny and sweet girl arrived at her car.
She gasped her Lindsay gasp and just stared in the window for a good long while.
And the first thing she did was grab her camera for a picture ;)
My kind of girl! Woot woot!
Then she sat down to read Angel's sincere, deep, honest letter
about his affection for her and
desire to lay down his life for her.
Lindsay smiled and cried.
She read slowly and her hands trembled.


I had asked Angel why he wanted to marry Lindsay a few days prior.  
He had a good answer:
"She loves God, she loves people, 
and wants to have a home that is open so others can enjoy her hospitality
(something I love.)
She is compassionate and caring.
She cracks me up like crazy.
She is a critical thinker. 
She calls me out on things, but she does it graciously. 
She encourages my leadership.
God has gifted her in areas I am not.
She is amazingly beautiful -  I mean I can stare at her for quite a while." 

"I am happy when I am with her.I hate saying goodbye.
  It is difficult not to want to lay my life down for her,
  not because I have to but because I get to.

It is only right that I commit to finding my joy in hers, doing everything in my power to make her a success, and to brag about how I am what I am because of her help.
Even if I told you in more complex or even in other languages,I would not be able to pin what I want to say down."  
Photobucket"My heart rate jumps up a few beats when I know she is five minutes away
 and it slows down five minutes before she is gone.
  I am like a giddy school boy when she calls."
If you didn't catch that from all he said,
Angel is in love.  He's in love with Lindsay.
He wants to marry Lindsay.
Being her husband can't come soon enough.
And she couldn't come soon enough for him to ask her ;)
Poor guy was an antsy, fidget-y, nervous mess!
But he finally spotted her car.
And he just LIT up.
"I'm going to propose to her! I see her! She's here!"
The following few seconds were surreal.
It was probably the most dream-like moment of MY life.
And I was only taking pictures.
It felt like slow motion.
I think there was a sound-track.
It was just breath-taking.

Lindsay ran into his arms,
with her sweet Lindsay gasps.
Angel locked eyes with her,
and just absolutely beamed.
They hugged and he practically held the dear emotional girl up.
She could have just collapsed right there.
"My decision is easy not because I know or think marriage will be easy, 
but because there is no one I would rather lay my life down for 
than you."
"I have had dreams, read books, and seen others lay their lives down for their wives, 
yet none of them told me 

how sweet this death is. 
And even if they did, 
language failed them."

"I want to lay what I am down for your greater good. 

I want to magnify your gifts. 
I want to live life with you. 
I want to build a family with you. 
I want to find my joy in things that bring joy to you. 
Will you let me do this for as long as I live?"
Lindsay just sang out a confident yet gasp-y
"YES! YES YES YES yeeees!"
The next few minutes were my favorite of the day.
The moments where reality settled.
Where such full, intense, joyful emotions reigned.
I couldn't help but tear up watching their utter joy.
"God has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes."
I left them to enjoy the moment,
to enjoy "their" coffee-shop,
to enjoy God's kindness,
to laugh and look at Lindsay's new bling.
This post isn't the time or place to go into details,
but both Lindsay and Angel have hard stories from the past.

I've specifically gotten to watch Lindsay walk through trial.
And I've watched her raise her head in the swallows of pain and say
"He gives and takes away,
my heart will choose to say,
Lord, blessed be Your name."

It is so sweet to watch you in a season of "give", Lindsay.
It does my soul good to watch you so.happy.
To watch you fall in love and stand beside your future husband.
Angel, thank you for being so wonderful to this amazing girl.
She's amazing.

God has prepared you for each other,
and I get chills thinking about what He has for you both.
This marriage is going to impact eternity.
I'm so glad you've fallen for each other.

"Blessed be Your name."
And your match-maker ;)

Enjoy the slideshow!