Max + Abby {Glen Echo Engagement Photography}

the first time that i met her,
i couldn't say a word.
she knew what i was thinking
and I'm not sure how it worked.

josh kelley | baby blue eyes
Once upon a time there was Abby.
 Abby was adorable, smart and Texan
Abby was a gymnast.
Abby's hard-work got her a scholarship to University of Maryland.
Abby took Spanish at University of Maryland.

Once upon a very similar time there was Max.
Max was funny, strong and an Ohio-an.
Max was a lacrosse player.
Max's skills got him a scholarship to University of Maryland.
Max took Spanish at University of Maryland.
All the way across the room,
on the first day of Spanish Class,
Max was...well... quite taken with Abby,
all the way on the other side of the room.

Max geared himself up.
He put on his big boy shoes.
And the following Spanish class...
he sat right behind Abby.
Not all the way on the other side of the room.

And they met for the first time.
That chance meeting, in a random class, in a random state,
was the hand of God at work.
He brought Max + Abby together just over a year ago.
After their sweet and gushy Disney Channel-esque meeting,
they dated, fell in love and now they are engaged.
"She's just the girl for me.
I don't know how else to say it it.
She's it.
She's the girl for me."
Max knew the right when he met her that this girl was different.
He even called his mom and told her
"I found the girl I'm gonna marry."
And let's be honest...
Abby is a catch!
Gorgeous, athletic, smart - she has a lot going for her!
I'd be willing to bet those things intimidate a lot of guys.
And maybe it was that jocky-confidence,
that led Max to be sure he would marry this girl.
Or maybe he was a normal guy,
who was a 6'4 bundle of nerves,
but was not willing to let his fears ruin this. 
He wanted that mini-Texan.
He became friends with her,
and they haven't parted since.
Badda-bing, badda-boom.
One area they both really bonded over was their athletic careers.
Max and Abby are passionate about doing what they are passionate about.
They did not want to miss the chance to play the sport they loved.
And they played HARD.
I love everything about that :D
But I also love how peaceful Abby was with her gymnastics season ending.
"I have Max now.
And a wedding to plan,
and life is moving forward!
It had to come to an end sometime...
... but I have so much to look forward to!"
"When I met Max, 
I wasn't looking for anyone."
(sidenote: people say that aaaaaalll the time. Noted.)
(other side note: they have the cutest arms!)
"I really loved where I was at,
and I wasn't looking to add anything to my life!
I was so happy!"
"But I didn't realize how much I was missing.
He brings out in me what I didn't know I needed.
It's so complete to have him."
"And I truly didn't know I needed it."
(Another side-note: Abby told me that he was the "cute one",
while she was the "smart one".)
(Don't get me wrong - she is smaaaaaart.
But also pretty ridiculously cute.)
See? Yeah. Hello.
"Hey Ab,
are you Vogue-ing it up or what?"
"Hahah yeah, I'm Vogue-ing it up, Max."
I love these next shots, mostly because of how they "came to be."
That stone wall is the base of a giant old bridge in Glen Echo.
I wanted Max + Abby to go stand on the rocks while I shot from up high.
"It won't be that hard getting down there!"
Um.  It was that hard getting down there.
The hill was quite steep, but also really soft with new spring ground.
It was a thorny, humid, rocky, bumble-bee-y hot mess.
Abby wore her stiletto's and used them as spikes to secure herself.
Max was sweating through his nice button-up shirt.
I was the brilliant, sneezing, make-up-less, allergy attacked wonder following behind.
Max wanted to carry Abby.
Abby didn't want to be carried because she didn't want them both to fall.
I sneezed.

A crowd gathered on the bridge, watching us participate in such a feat.
Once we made it safely to the bottom a friendly soul called out
"There is an easier way on the other side of the bridge!"
We looked over, and sure enough there was a
smooth, slightly inclined, clear, dirt path.
"We coulda used you five minutes ago!"
and everyone laughed.
But it all worked out.  So well.
And it was a sweet little view into their world.
Max, the kind, brave leader... who wants to protect Abby from all harm.
Abby, the helpful, loving support... who wants to make them both a success, even if risk is involved.
And they happen to be madly in love.
I merrily skipped up the easy path to get the shot I was envisioning on top the bridge.
Love how it came out!
Afterwards Max + Abby came up the easy path too.
They look way too good for how humid, sweaty, pond-wet, thorny and mountain-climby
the last few minutes had been.
Y'all should teach a class.
You'd make mad dough.
Or you could kiss each other.  That is a great idea too.
I had so much fun with you both - lets hang out again?
And I'm so excited that God allowed your lives to intersect,
and that He's taking you on a new road together.