Princess Movies {Personal}

Frog: Whenever I haf to do somezing qwuik... I always breeng a turtle.
Turtle: I think I pulled a muscle.
Frog: I'm gonna DIE! I knew it! I'm on a dangerous mission with a LAME TURTLE!
the swan princess | frog + turtle
My love of romance and my love of humor started young in life.  For the humor... check out this above clip from one of my childhood favorites, The Swan Princess.  Dry, sarcastic, frantic.  I love it.

But these cartoons are also drippingly romantic! 
I spent the wee hours of the night several nights ago watching clips of my favorite princess movies.  Dang are there some good moments. Beauty and The Beast's Tale Old As Time scene?
Cinderella, my favorite, getting spotted by Prince Charming for the first time?

The Swan Princess, based on Swan Lake,
is the adventurous story of Prince Derek (the idiot) and Princess Odette (the lovely),
and how he grows up, mans up and learns to truly love her with an"everlasting love."
(Er, as well as a children's fairytale cartoon can portray that...)

After being set-up by their royal parents,
and falling "in love" Derek proposes to Odette.
She first wants to know why he loves her.
He says because she's beautiful.
She wants to know "what else?"
And in a moment of tact, wisdom and...idiot-ness he replies:
"What else is there?"

Good one, Prince Derek, good one.
His friend joked:
"You should write a book: How To Offend Women In Five Syllables or Less"
But Odette fled the scene (good girl.)
Then got turned into a swan (stupid beast villains and their magical spells).
Everyone, however, thought she had been killed.
Derek didn't believe it.

He set his mind, energy and heart to finding her,
saving her and proving that he was a changed man.
As Odette insightfully said "I need to know that he loves me, for just being me!"

Off the prince went to find his girl.

Rogers: Oh, Derek. You've looked everywhere. 
She's not coming back. 
The whole kingdom knows that.
Prince Derek: The whole kingdom's wrong! 
Odette's alive, and I'm gonna find her.

The prince was right. 
And he did indeed find her.
And the Great Beast Animal who put her under the spell, Rothbart,
was Derek's final obstacle.

Prince Derek: Don't let her die.
Rothbart: Is that a threat?
Prince Derek: Don't you dare let her die!
Rothbart: Oh, it is a threat. Only if you defeat me! 

Alright, alright... game on.
Derek fought and defeated Rothbart,
(though Rothbart was decidely bigger, stronger and more powerful...
awwwww, True Love won :D awwww).

He had proven that he really loved Odette.
Princess Odette: Will you love me, Derek? Until the day I die?
Prince Derek: No, Odette, much longer. Much longer. 

This world needs more of that.

Do YOU have any favorite princess movies or lines or songs?
Cause the good Lord knows I need to spend more time thinking about princesses
...and funny turtles.