Promise of Summer {Sneak Peak}

"She was the sweetest memory.
He never understood just what she saw in him.
Working days at the Marina, 
the nights were left to dream"

"The winter fields begin to uncover
 Finally it's a promise of summer."
"Lights are shining round,
 and their guards are coming down"
"Across the world they run to each other,
 Finally it's the promise of summer"
"Rain after the drought
And they won't have to go without"
"Spent that whole evening laughing,
as the morning shed the night"
"Not a day goes by 
when he doesn't think of her.
 Seems he like he spends his life 
Trying to make things they were."
"I guess a trip down south 
Might be the only cure,
To go look around for her
The promise of Summer."
I love me some old-school JackoPierce.
I love me some 6:30 am engagement shoots in our nation's Capital.
I love me some spring, because after spring there is always summer.