Jay + Eva {Clifton, VA Engagement Photography}

all that i never knew, can you see me now?
all that i never said, can you see me now?
he makes me crazy
he makes me cruel
he makes me anything but a fool
my love | sarah bareilles
In a cozy warm sandwich shop, Eva and Jay rocked from side to side in their booth.
I saw them from outside the window as I walked in.
Smiling, chatting, laughing and clearly happy -
I would have felt like I was interrupting if they hadn't been so sweet.

Eva is a gorgeous, tiny, Italian bombshell.
Jay is an hysterical, big, loyal, manly-man.
These two met at the beach ("He was just different then other guys."),
they got engaged at the beach ("It was the best day of my life."),
and in a few weeks they will be married at the beach ("I hope it's just plan romantic and fun.")
I've been thrilled to work with these amazing couple.
I think when they booked me they were thrilled to book me.
And then we did their engagement shoot and they discovered I'm crazy.
Not like "oh, haha, I'm a teenage girl and it's cute to say I'm crazy. BLAH! I'M CRAZY!"
More along the lines of taking your clean, make-up-ed, beautifully hair-ed, paying clients,
who are here for a normal engagement shoot like every other client gets,
and then getting them soaking wet, ruining their hair and make-up,
and pretty much not even asking them if it's okay.
"No! We are not going under cover! Stay there!"
"But... it's raining."  
And rain it did.
In what I expected to be "probably a few sprinkles" a heavenly waterfall fell.
We were SOAKED. Wring your clothes out soaked.
And praise the good Lord for Eva and Jay's flexibility and fun-loving-nature.
They just went right along with me.
Kissing and loving and playing in the rain.
I told them that we could do a "real" engagement shoot later.
I basically got to fulfill a dream of mine by shooting in this rain,
and I don't think these two could have been more wonderful.
Guys, thanks for trusting me.  I owe ya ;)
Gotta hand it to you though,
you brought your romantic glam and nailed this.
I was giddy for days over this shoot.

I'm so happy we met in that sandwich shop.
Working with you has been a highlight of the year,
and we haven't even gotten to the wedding yet!

Much, much love!