I Enjoy Videos | Introduction

"...where everything was discovered, and everything was possible. 
A stick could be a sword, a pebble could be a diamond, a tree, a castle.
They made up a thousand games.
She was queen and he was king.
They collected the world in small handfuls, 
and when the sky grew dark, and they parted with leaves in their hair."
nicole krauss
This beautiful quote written by Nicole Krauss has captured my "special attention" (any Pride and Prej fans out there?).  The segment that starts this post is only a portion of her brief paragraph describing the love story between a little boy and a little girl.  Her one sentence is my new tagline for this blog.  A blog designed to collect the world in small handfuls.  Consider each day, each post, each new paragraph, image and thought, a little clump of dirt in your hands, an especially smooth stone, an antsy inch worm or a bottle cap.  Think of all the things you can do or try or imagine. Consider it fun, child-like, creative and happy.  May you part with leaves in your hair.

While at Alt Summit, during one of the sessions, I had a mad-wild-furious-scribbling-beads-of-sweat moment of clarity.  It all came together.  And my blog changed in an instant.  Within an hour I had taken new header photos, recorded the following video and made a blog calendar for the next month.  Within 12 hours I had nearly all the content ready and formatted for this next month of blog posts.

I joyfully present to you: The Enjoy Project

Don't worry, I can't even stay focused on this video to watch it all the way through. I won't be offended if you don't. It's almost seven minutes long. WAY TOO LONG. If you want to skip ahead to the end I tell a pretty funny story about meeting Anya from Project Runway.

Here's a re-cap of what I said in the video. New blog schedule. All based on the "things" in life I most enjoy. Blog posts every single day. (EVERY DAY!)

> > SCHEDULE < <
[I Enjoy...]
.Videos (On Sunday > These might be videos of myself + my life, they might be an awesome movie trailer I'm looking forward to seeing, perhaps a fun music video, inspiring vimeo find, slideshow or funny youtube clip. Videos.)

.People (On Monday > Here you will find new portraits or new friends. Either images of people or a guest blogger.)

.Making Things (On Tuesday > My love for all things "hands-on." Whether it be making food, paper crafts, home decor or Christmas ornaments ;) you will find how-to's from my world of making things.)

.Weddings (On Wednesday > I am committing to posting one full wedding a week! I have more then enough to show you lovely friends for ages.)

.Pinterest (On Thursday >  I'm so exciting about this one! I'll explain in more detail this coming Thursday, but we're going to have fun searching, pinning and sharing as a group.)

.Writing (On Friday > I love to write. I have seemingly endless little unrelated blurbs from minutes of "ah-ha!" where I wrote and then did nothing with it. I've never had a consistent place to share these thoughts. So now they have a home named Friday.)

.Instagram (On Saturday > A re-cap of my week + maybe some suggestions of people for you to follow!)

PhotobucketHello. I'm Kristen. Welcome to The Enjoy Project, "where everything can be discovered, and anything is possible."