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My new favorite tumblr is What Shall We Call Wedding Photography.  It's dead on.  I laughed out loud at every page.  Wow. Special thanks to Rachel Clarke for sending it my way! The site has brought about a new little idea.  Wedding Photography Revelations - not an original or brilliant concept, but possibly fun to share.


What's In My Camera Bag
Every photographer has their preferred "lens bag" to use while shooting.  Shoot Sac (that's me!). Boda. Ona. Kelly Moore. Some bag from Target (that's me, too!).  We blog about what we have in these bags during weddings.  Two lenses, a battery, memory cards, business cards, some chapstick, keys and an iPhone. Um.  I have a food pocket.  I'm a first class snack thief.  It all starts with the bridesmaids early in the wedding day.  Panera bagels sliced in half?  Cheese and crackers and grapes? Cherry tomatoes?  Stashed.  Like a fat-faced little squirrel.  Watch for it - my bag has weird bulges.  Then cocktail hour happens and I snipe bacon quiches and chicken quesadillas like a 15-year-old boy snipes looks at his crush.  Quickly and constantly.

There are limits to my Food Sac abilities, however.  Nothing with dressing (eh, who needs the calories!) and nothing too mushy (like cake.)  Obviously nothing liquid.  I've never sniped pasta or meat - but give me time.  If it can fit inside a napkin and keep it's shape, it goes in the Food Pocket (and quickly to my mouth.)  It's like a an adventure within an adventure.  The goal is to acquire, store and consume the food without anybody seeing.  The key is to keep busy - you can't become very still and then move fast.  You have to walk and shoot and ope! there's a cucumber! and walk and bend down and shooting shoes now! and I need to move to better light with the shoes and walk and eat and shoot and walk.  It's thrilling.

"Oh, well, I just bring my own granola bars and trail mix to weddings." Cool.  Then you're more of a squirrel than I am.  With your nuts and berries.  I'm sorry, even if I have a Cliff Bar with me, the mini-corn dog always wins.  Besides, when I whip out my bars while everyone else is eating real food, I feel like the baby in a highchair gnawing on Gerber Puffs while everyone else feasts on homemade ravioli and bruschetta.  I want real food, too!

So I snatch it for myself in my camera bag.  Now you know.  And I feel free!


This post was inspired by the following "What Shall We Call Wedding Photography" posts.
-Because after I hoard food all day? I feel terrible.  Just like this.
-Oh, and this little fellow has the proper technique.  Avoid eye contact, grab fast, eat furious.