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sweetest invitation, 
breaking the day in two
i'll wait for you
virginia moon - foo fighters
My mom carefully and happily my younger brother's returned school paper to me.  I think it's the best writing I've read all month.  Or maybe the most beautiful.  Or maybe just my favorite.  I don't know.  Most pre-teens, for a Thanksgiving assignment, would shoot off the easy ones "I'm thankful for my family, my friends, food and a home."  But then again, my brother isn't like most pre-teens.

I'm Thankful For... [By Little But Growing Brother]
I'm thankful for the sound when you open a Snapple, because it's refreshing and relaxing.  I'm thankful for every rainbow I see, because it's a promise from God.  I'm thankful for the people who rented our house, because they didn't use all the firewood we left and now we have some.  I'm thankful for my Call of Duty Modern Warfare games, because they give me some sense to the fact that our country could be attacked.  I'm thankful for today, because I got to experience another great day of my life.  I'm thankful for hearing my favorite song come on the radio because it relaxes me.  I'm thankful for the cold side of the pillow because it helps me sleep at night.  I'm thankful for every time something is cheaper than I thought it was, because it saves money.  I'm thankful for the amount of fries in a Five Guys bag, because it's more than I paid for.  I'm thankful for every time I'm early to somewhere, because I don't have to be nervous about being late.

Do you have any "random" but thoughtful grateful-s today?  Mine is probably the black shutters on our house.  I love black shutters.