Hannah and Robert

Gah. I.love.Robert.and.Hannah.
Yesterday I shot a wonderful, relaxing engagement shoot for these two in Old Town Alexandria (ps. any husbands/boyfriends who read this: take your wives/girlfriends there. SO cute and SO fun! I wanted to stay longer just to walk around the city!)

I had a ball with them as we talked and walked around in the wet, quiet town. We talked about their work (he's going to be a pulmonary pediatrician and she works at NCI and is working on her PhD - meaning they are about 34 times smarter then me.) We talked about music (more on that coming later), and wedding plans and traveling and more. They are SO sweet and easy to talk to.

She is the girl everyone wants to be friends with. LOVE her.

Robert wanted to stop at this little door - good call! If they whole doctor thing doesn't work out, you can come shoot with me! haha

6 months until wedding day! Woot!

We were looking for "open brick." Nailed it!

My "imageisfound" picture...

Pretty day :D

After the shoot they wanted to take some pictures at The Birchmere in front of these colorful murals. I had no idea what they were talking about, but the first time we met, one of the first things Hannah said was that she wanted pictures here. And on their contract they told me one of their favorite things to do together is go to The Birchmere. So, you bet we went to The Birchmere!

What is The Birchmere? Well, in my book it is now officially the coolest place ever. And I can't believe I had never heard of it. It's a venue for about 200 people to watch concerts, but dinner-theater style. It's small and tucked away in a little random nowhere. AND, it has awesome murals painted on the outside!
(Hannah is from LA and Robert is from PA!)

On our way out Hannah and Rob started talking about different people they had seen perform here.
"Oh! Last fall we saw Col...bie... Caillat... is that right? Have you heard of her?"
"Um, YES! I loooove her!"
"Yeah, she was great. It was a wonderful concert and this guy opened for her. HE was great too."
"Wait, Jason Reeves?"
"Yes! He was great!"

I wasn't sure if I could love them more. hahah Just knowing they liked and watched an artist I love so much made me so excited!

Ha! Love it!

Reason #142 why The Birchmere is awesome:
There was a little sign that said "What to expect inside: American Music -- Souvenirs and CD's -- Shirts, Hats and Pickles"

I loveeee pickles. lovepickles.

It just so happened that the night before they had seen Jackopierce perform there - so, here is the slideshow brought to you by an awesome Jackopierce song! Enjoy!

I had so much fun with you guys!!! Thank you for being so friendly! You guys are going to have an awesome life together and I can't wait for your wedding! Hugs :D