Smart Family Shoot {I'm Kristen - MD/VA/DC Photography}

"Ordinary? No! I really don't think so,
Not a love this true"
me and you - kenny chesney
You may or may not recognize this family on my blog.  If you have been following me for a while, you might remember Jess, Neil and little Nyah from our first shoot together two years ago.  Or maybe you remember when Jess's bestie, Heather, get married. Jess was a bridesmaid and Nyah was a flower girl.
Or maybe you re-call the preggo shoot we had when Jess and Neil found out a baby boy was headed their way.  Perhaps you remember when Mr. Ryder arrived!  We did a shoot then, too.
More recently we did a shoot of Jess and Neil for their 5-year-anniversary. It was off the charts amazing (and at a fair :D).  

Needless to say, I've grown to love this gorgeous little family.  I love to talk to them, I love to watch their kids grow-up and laugh and cause trouble ;D  I love how real, normal and genuine they are.

I also love how they really all are so child-like.  Everybody needs people like Neil, Jess, Nyah and Ryder in their life.  I strongly believe that :D

And no one can complain about their good-looks :D

They are just SO cute!  Seriously!

Good luck when this one is old enough to date... Neil is gonna have to hire an escort for her ;D

And Mr. Adorable Blue Eyes already dissolves my heart - I feel bad for every girl he meets the next 25 years!  They are gonna fall fast ;D

And before you know it, I'll be shooting their weddings!

HA!haha Nyah's little drama queen leg... She's so cute.  And I love everything about this picture.  They rocked it!

Just chillin' like a villian

And one more of him... because I just love him :D

I love you guys!!!