I am a photographer and I love it.

I have a hit-counter on my blog.  Who doesn't?  It's the best though - I can see every single person who comes onto my blog, how they got there, how long they stayed and how often the return!  Pretty cool :D

Well.  The day before I left for Jamaica, I saw that someone had googled "I am a photographer and I love it."  Interesting google search, huh? 

Somehow those key-words fit my blog best!  Right over Zack Arias of OneLight fame.  I thought that was pretty fun! As I finished packing my flip-flops and stuffing another pink dress into my suit (just in!) case, I thought about that sentence.  I am a photographer and I really do love it.  Most people don't get to love their job like this.
(Haha I am also turning into a beast corsage-pinner.  I'm gonna start charging the big dollars... and make a blog about it ;D)

I'm sitting here right now listening to live music, while big palm fans spin over my head.  I can't see the ocean, but if I wanted to, I could get up and see it.  I'm in Jamaica for goodness sakes!  What a job!  I love my job locally too - see how happy I am getting onto the merry-go-round?

See my grinning like an idiot on the merry-go-round?
See me doing my job on the merry-go-round?

See me getting in trouble with the merry-go-round guy for not giving him a ticket when I got on the mery-go-round?  I was really, really excited - what can I say?

Thanks to my second shooter, Andree, for grabbing these shots of me doing my job, that I love, at Tara and Preston's wedding!  I need to go to bed so I have energy tomorrow at this fabulous destination wedding.  But I just had to blog, as a reminder to myself to be grateful.  I don't deserve to be able to do this.  It really is a gift and honor.