Jeff and Mikaela - New York Engagement Shoot

"I’m falling for you
As I'm standing here
And you hold my hand..."
colbie caillat - falling for you

Jeff and Mikaela. Wooow.  They are crazy.

No, seriously.  They are crazy.
Like if a SuperDooperLooper roller coaster and the squirrel running on my roof merged together and drank soda out of a straw made from Skittles.  And then got coffee afterwards, with cotton candy on the side it might be as crazy as this couple.  They're crazy.
Jeff is a retired Marine and works two jobs (one where he gets up at 3:30 am!) and Mikaela is about to head into law school.  So they are serious, responsible adults.  Don't get me wrong.
But they have this young, crazy, elementary-school-kid thing going on.  It's very fun :D
They only met a year and a half ago, and some would think that's really quick to be engaged.
But, as Jeff cooly said "When you know, you know."
This is very Zales commercial-y to me. SooOOoo romantic ;D
There's that big, beautiful smile! Mikaela is a whirlwind of talking, laughing, skipping and hair-flipping. She's just too fun! Jeff is going to have an awesome life with her.
Oh. And she's absolutely gorgeous. No big deal.
Part of their "young-ness" that I loved, was how crazy they were about each other.  They were always touching, exchanging glances, quoting inside jokes and basically smitten with each other.

After we did our formal-city-look, they changed into more casual outfits.  I personally LOVE them both.
Ah, wait. But first.  Their changing-room also doubled as Jeff's incredible, manly pick-up.  We had to grab some shoots in there :D

This was cute (and totally unposed.)  I told them to hop out and get changed.  This is what followed:
Mikaela: Tell me I'm a bird! Yeah... I'm a bird!

Jeff (quietly): Yes, you're a bird.  And if you're a bird, I'm a bird.
Mikaela: (giggles)
Alright. Enough cute.
Jeff grabbed his guitar, and we headed to a new location.  My first shot with their new outfits:
I got really excited. haha
And then this one happened, and I liked it even better. I just like my couples?
YOU ARE SO PRETTY. not fair.

I'm really a fan of guitars.
Hahah what trouble ;)

I had to corral them over and get them to focus for the next shots.  Sometimes life is just too exciting? Haha

And other times, your fiance is just too huggable :D

Man, I am out of things to say - I just love them so much!  I can't stand how cute they are!

Train. Clouds. Guitar. Kisses. Plaid. Boots.  I dare you to find something you don't like.

Waiting at a train - so old fashioned and perfect.  A very lovely way to end the shoot :D

Jeff and Mikaela - you guys made my week and I am so glad we got to hang out!  I'm so excited for you :D