Adelyn Alivia {Baby Shoot - I'm Kristen}

"For this child I prayed, 
and the Lord has granted me my petition that I made to Him.  
Therefore as long as [she] lives, [she] is lent to the Lord.”
I samuel 1:20
We live in a wonderful world, where joy and love are real, abundant and life-changing.
We also live in a broken world, where pain and suffering are real, and also just as life-changing.

My friend Heather has four beautiful daughters.  McKenna is a blonde-curly-headed Kindergartner, and Selah is a bouncing-wide-eyed-three year old.  The next girl is Alivia, and she is a stunningly beautiful child.  She died last year when she was five weeks old.  She was young and her life was short, but she made an impression on the world that will not be forgotten.

I love to remember her life through pictures, stories and blog-posts about her.  I love to hear my little sisters talk about someday seeing "Jesus and Grandpa and Bacca and Alivia" in heaven.  And recently I've loved remembering Alivia through her little and newest sister, Adelyn Alivia.

Adelyn was born five weeks ago, and while Heather and her husband were at the hospital, I got to play with Thing 1 and Thing 2 ;D It was so special to be there when mom, dad and baby came home.

Selah held her sister tight and told me she wanted to keep her away from bad things "like dragons."  haha

There were many kisses, smiles and "shhhhh's" while everyone got to hold Adelyn for the first time.

The next day I came back over to take some shots of Addie before she got too big on all of us!  (Maybe I also secretly wanted some baby-snuggle time.)

I'm no baby photography specialist, but I just couldn't help it.  I had to post a few pictures of this girl.  I love her so much.  I can hardly stand it.

I love how she has McKenna's nose and mouth.  I love how she has Selah's coloring and perfectly round head.  I love how she has Alivia's steely blue eyes.

And I love even more how she reminds to me praise God.  Life is always a miracle - every single baby ever born is a miracle.  But getting to meet and hold Adelyn has been such an answer to prayer.  Watching the fight, the tears and the love from her parent's has encouraged me and sharpened my faith.

This is a special baby, part of an amazing family.  I'm so blessed to know them!