I'm Jamie Leigh Delaine Bio Shoots!

She likes Tegan&Sara.  I like Tinkerbell and Gus-Gus.
I love t-shirts and she loves tea.
She loves to make her bed.  I don't.
I love to make dinner.  She doesn't.

Jamie thrives on organization, plans and crossing off check-lists.  Ha.  I know those things are great, but oh snap, I have to focus so hard to do it.  And I don't love it.
I love changing plans, no plans, care-free, "whatever."  She is learning to enjoy that.

We are quite a pair - and we've decided that we definitely would not have gotten along in high school.  But we are friends now.  We officially met at WPPI last year, and we are rooming together this year.  And we're photographers and we're fuuuuun and we're going to WPPI this year... so guess what!

We're doing some shoots together!  Check out the details here!  (Jamie Delaine made this, of course.  Since she's the organized one ;D)

We have very different styles, and very different personalities, but we are convinced it would be so much fun to run a shoot together!
Soooo, photographers, couples, Las Vegas-ians... anybody, really, who wants pictures taken - give a us shout!  And then e-mail us, since we won't hear you!
Here's my email: kristen@kristenleigh.net
Or hers: jamie@jamiedelaine.com

Here are some shots from the first day we met last year!  Isn't she a cute one?

And a few more portraits because I like them. And the people in them.  And summertiiiiime!

See you in Vegas, friends!