Love and All It's Stages {Personal}

"give me something fun to do,
like a life of loving you."
brooke fraser | something in the water
"I truly do wonder what in the world
it was we thought we had when we married.

I suppose it was a love, of sorts.

But when I compare it to what we share now,
I guess it was a bit immature.

Or just a different season in our lives.
Kind of like the tree in winter or fall,
as opposed to the tree full of blossoms and fruit in spring.

So, yes, it was love.
It was love at it's beginning.

And I guess what we have now is
love in the middle.

Which makes me marvel imagining
what love will be like in the end."
alyssa welch

I have this quote on my website, and I come back to it weekly.
It's exactlyexactlyexactly what I want my business to be.

Meeting, learning, listening to, photographing, be-friending those in love
in the beginning,
in the middle,
and at the end.

Maybe not so much a wedding photographer.
A love photographer?

I like that.