Sam + Emily {Lakeside Engagement Shoot}

in the misty morning fog with
our hearts a thumpin' and you
my brown eyed girl
van morrison | brown eyed girl
Sam and Emily.
Oh Sam and Emily.
Can I just say how FUN it is that my friends are falling in love and getting married?
Finishing up school, starting their lives, and meeting their somebodies.Photobucket
It's the best.
Sam and I have been loooooong time friends.
Our mothers met when they were pregnant with us,
and in summer 1989 we were both born.
He was my first "friend" and he's been more like a local cousin to me.
When we finished highschool,
Sam headed up north to further his education in a cold, "middle of nowhere" Michigan college called Hillsdale.
All of us teased him:
"You KNOW you are going to go up there and meet a girl.
Probably a stupid blonde.
We all knew that was funny, because Sam is very smart.
Very hard-working.
Very quality.
And definitely not shallow ;)
By summer 2009, Sam had indeed gone up there and met a girl.
A girl named Emily.
On his summer break he brought her by for a quick trip in Maryland.
We all loved her.
And her homemade Strawberry Shortcake.
And her sweet yet witty, gentle but firm personality.
And Sam was clearly taken with her ;)
They spent the summer writing letters,
missing each other,
and waiting for school to start again in the fall.
That whole year passed and their friendship grew,
but you know how it goes...
Sometimes guys need to take that big step from "boy" to "man"
and sometimes that means hard decisions.
God had good plans for Sam and Emily,
and part of that plan was a summer 2010 break-up.
That was was filled with no letter writing,
missing each other,
waiting for school to start again in the fall,
AND growing up.
For both of them.
And God took care of the rest.
Shortly after returning to school,
these two were inseparable.
Praise the Lord.
Cause if Sam had let Emily go,
I would have kicked him in the shins.
Emily, I'm so amazed at how perfectly hand-picked you are for Sam.
He needs you - not in a fluffy, dumb way.
But he really does.
He needs your help, your character and your love.
You're so wonderful for him.
 And Sam,
you have been a true friend for so long.
You are trustworthy, kind and ambitious.
I know Emily will be loved deeply for the rest of her life.
I'm so happy for you both.
Beside myself kind of happy.
Their engagement shoot happened at Sam's childhood vacation lake up in the mountains.
His father proposed to his mother on the banks of the exact same lake years ago.
His grandparents own a darling blue home right off the lake,
where Sam has gone his whole life.
'It's one of those towns that has stood still.
Everybody knows everybody.
There aren't house numbers, just house names.
There is no cell-phone service.
It's perfect.
And out on the water,
in this old beautiful boat,
Sam asked Emily to marry him.
Gotta hand it to you, mister, you did good ;)
And the best is yet to come.
Congratulations Sam + Emily!