First Date Disaster Part II {Personal}

{continued from part I)
This time of night, the Metro station was much more still and slow.  I slid my card through the gate, and just like every other time, it worked perfectly.  Brennan used the gate next to me, but his didn't work.  In a fattened fury of guy rage, he took my card from me and went to the booth to put more money on both cards.  "Okay, I put $20 on each card.  They really should BOTH work just fine."  After he added the money, his card worked and he was obviously pretty proud of himself.  I just followed him onto the train, adding the $40 to Night's Tab.  Eek.

On the Metro we stood and stared at the ground.  We didn't sit because we were too full and we didn't talk because there really was nothing to talk about.  Then, in a moment of absurdity, two guys started hitting on me.  Not in a flattering way, or not even in a sick-o wayโ€ฆ in a very challenging-to-Brennan way.  "Well hi there.  You are very pretty.  And you have a beautiful smileโ€ฆ" "Oh. Thanks." "โ€ฆdoes he tell you that you have a beautiful smile" "Uuuuuhโ€ฆ"  It was just a bizarre awkward 30 seconds as the Smile Guy stood right in front of me looked me up and down. Brennan didn't say a word.  He just stood up straighter.  

Thankfully the men got off at the next stop.  When they had exited and the doors had closed, Brennan blew up.  "Oooooh, I did NOT like that at all.  I did not like that.  I'm sorry, I didn't know what to do.  I didn't want to overstep my bounds and say something that would make you feel uncomfortableโ€ฆ I mean, we just went on one dateโ€ฆ But I really, really didn't like that.  I wanted to pop him in the shins.  I should have said something.  I'm sorry."  No worries, Brennan.  No worries.

Our train arrived at our station and we quietly walked off.  I slid my card through the gates.  And walked through.  Brennan did the same, and his didn't work.  He was not a happy Metro traveler.  "This is ree-DIC-u-lus. I just can't win. Gracious."  As he went from gate to gate, trying to get his card to work, a police officer came over.  Then the police officer started writing him a ticket.  Apparently, there was some technical-name-billing issue with the cards, and he couldn't use both of them at the same time, because it was "stealing" from the Metro.  

Brennan went from bright red to pale.  I was on the other side trying to explain.  "He wasn't trying to cheat the system!  He was just paying for me!  He was being nice!  He put a lot of money on those!  I saw him!"  The officer just gave him a warning, praise the Lord, and let him through the gates.  I don't think Brennan will ever ride the Metro again.

The little boy tucked his defeated tail between his legs and walked back to his car.  There still wasn't much to talk about, and I think he was getting the "vibes" that I wouldn't be going on a second-date with him.  Once in his car I plugged in my ipod and put on some upbeat (but NOT sweet or romantic!) music to try to lighten the mood.  Or at least to break the silence.

Rain still spit down from on high.  And I leaned back in my seat, bopping my head to the music. "Almost home. I'm glad this guy is so nice. But I just want to be home." Brennan drove onto the curved highway ramp.  Unfortunately, he did that a bit too fast.  We hit a slick part of wet road which sent us sliding towards the concrete barriers on the drivers-side of the car.  He obviously has better driving skills then I do, because Brennan actually got control of the out-of-control car before we hit anything.  My heart continued to beat and I blinked again.  Before I opened my eyes from my blink, we hit another bad spot (we were moving pretty fast) and this time, instead of getting in control of the car, the car spun ALL the way around - complete 180.  We were now facing oncoming highway traffic, sliding back towards the concrete barriers - only now they were on MY side of the car.  I braced my body and put my head in my lap and held it real tight with my hands.  It was the slowest, fastest second of my life as we slammed into the rock walls.

By the way, concrete is really really REALLY hard.  The car came to an instant, dead, eerie halt.  Other cars flew by.  "Are you okay?!? Are you hurt? Are you alright?!"  I sat up straight.  Why yes! I was okay!  Praise God!  My heart was in my knees and the beats from it echoed to my fingertips, but I was definitely okay!

Brennan was too, so he jumped out to assess the damages.  And damages they were.  His car was totaled.  I could elaborate on this, but honestly, the point will be made:  he called the tow-truck, we waited on hour, it never came, he called again, they apologized for forgetting to dispatch it, I sat in the back of the car listening to old Michael Jackson, my shoulder started to hurt, but I didn't dare tell him, he paced outside in the drizzle, I lamented my newly-cracked iPhone screen (which I also didn't tell him about), the tow-truck came, took us to Brennan's house, he took his roommates car and drove me to Target, I said a worn-out "good night" and drove home.

The next day my shoulder and neck were quite sore (but probably not as bad as Brennan's ego).  Brennan wanted to pay for the doctors appointment.  I argued, but he insisted.  He also had to pay $1500 to insurance to total his car.  He only owed about $250 on it.  And he had to buy a new car.  "Good luck with your whole no-debt thing! Glad I could help!
 And when he met up to pay me for my doctor's appointment he had just gotten his eyes dilated at the Eye Doctor, so he was all blinky and bobble-head-y and bumble-bee-eye-y.  

Poor Brennan.  He's a very nice boy.  
Bless his heart. And his debt-free plans.