Heart of a Girl {Personal}

You showed me the heart of a girl,
And I wrapped you in ribbons and curls


"A page is turned in this world
To reveal a little girl
With a heart that's bigger,
As it is unfurled,
With a careful cover of love that will not fail.
And the God of second chance,
Picked her up and let her dance."


“Who am I, O Lord God,
that you have brought me thus far?
Because of your promise,
and according to Your own heart,
you have brought about all this greatness,
to make your servant know it."
2 Samuel 7

I've just been thinking a lot recently about my life.
Many of my friends are graduating college this coming spring,
about to start their careers they've so diligently worked for,
and patiently waited for.
Many are dating their boyfriends,
others are engaged to their fiancee's
and some are married to their husbands.
My friends are married.

Friends of mine are pregnant with children,
trying to be pregnant with children,
already have children.
Aren't we still children?!

Friends are talking about their masters degrees,
moving to new states (and continents!),
buying engagement rings,
buying houses,
traveling the world,
getting into medical school,
working 40-plus hours a week.

I think we grew up?
Headed into my fourth year of full-time work.
Pay my own bills.
Live in my own (rented) place.
Own my own car.
Buy my own toilet paper.
Eat dessert for breakfast if I want.
I feel like adult.
My heart feels like an adult. Like a woman.
I marvel at where God has brought me,
and I'm in awe of His heart towards me,
and I long to see what He has next for me.

"Take my heart, it is Thine own; it shall be Thy royal throne.
Take my love, my Lord, I pour at Thy feet its treasure store.
Take myself, and I will be ever, only, all for Thee."

Lead on, sweet Father, I trust you completely,
with my life and my heart.
Grow me up!

Sometimes I'm a scared little girl,
and want the safety of being young again.

Show me Your greatness in any way You choose.

I'm excited and I'm ready and I trust Your heart completely.
I'm so excited about life :D