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there's a quaint little town
not a clock has been wound
for over a century

buon natale | nat king cole

It turns out my 8mm app addiction lasted longer then a week.  As I was working on this little diddy last night, He suggested I make a "Sunday Series." "With a new episode each week!" He's smart, the Christmas Angel of mine.  You can watch this now oooor watch it after you read the whole post.  It might be a touch more amusing if you come back and watch after you read ;)
It's been about 10 days and our Christmas Activity Checklist is going strong!  I just can't bring myself to miss a day when he gets such a kick out of it.  It doesn't matter what we do - his little toes jingle all the way and his eyes sparkle like a silent night.  

We made a classic garland for his tree.  All we used was popcorn, cranberries, needle and thread!  
We also bought His first real Christmas tree.  He sat the tree in his lap and embraced it the whole way home.  What a green, tree-hugger ;) ba-da-ching.

We turned on some tunes, and gave the little tree a merry makeover.  It needed some bling.
When all was said and done, the decorations up, the stockings hung, He serenaded me with my favorite holiday carols.  Precious Angel.
The only part of this experience that was really sad was the next day.  He told me He had some "sad news." Uh-oh.  "My Christmas tree fell down.  I went in and it had crashed.  Balls were on the floor.  One ball broke.  Someone ransacked Christmas."  I tried not to laugh ;)
On a cheerier note!  We went to a local Starbucks one night where some friends from church spent two hours singing carols!  It was a happy memory to eat our chili and coffee-cake and watch the kiddos dance around.
Next up was the annual Remsnyder Christmas party with the ever intriguing Gift Exchange.
Christmas Angel took this very seriously.
He spent some time on his gift and ended up taking the present he brought home with him.
If you want to see what his gifts were check out the video
(one is cheap and weird, the other is expensive and... weird? ;) haha not weird. They are both fun!)
This morning I finished up last nights' craft: snow forest! This was another lovely Pinterest find.  
SO stinking easy: bleach bottlebrush trees in a tub for 30 minutes, let dry over night, stick in glass jars and dump as much or as little sugar/salt over them as you'd like!  I can't wait to see how these look with candles behind them :D
Only twenty days left and the fun has only just begun!